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Hiring Apprentice & Journeyman GTA Plumbers For Best Pay, Benefits & Bonus

Last updated: October 28, 2019‘ We have career minded plumbing jobs Toronto and are currently looking to hire journeyman as well as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th-year apprentice plumbers to start immediately with multiple positions available. Our company has nearly 30 years in Toronto and the GTA. We maintain a company plumbing fleet fully stocked for service calls. Long-term candidates only, please.

Currently hiring:

  • Master Plumbers
  • Apprentice Plumbers

You should:

  • Be a strong communicator
  • Provide consistently positive customer service
  • Are flexible and responsible
  • Be a team player


  • Driver’s license
  • Driver’s abstract
  • Bondable

Please email your plumbing resume to and leave a message regarding your plumbing skills, qualifications, and experience: 647.258.9366

Canada plumbing jobs

We welcome you to apply to work with us during your apprenticeship. We are currently looking for great apprentices and journeyman plumbers. If you are enthusiastic and have good communication skills, are a focused and flexible team player you are a great fit for us. We invite all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th apprentices and journeyman plumbers to connect with us today.

We can offer steady full-time or on-call work with great pay and benefits along with a signing bonus. We provide fully loaded trucks with all major power tools necessary to get the job done right. We do require that you be bondable and have a drivers license and abstract in order to get started quickly. Check out some of our real reviews and if you live in the Toronto or anywhere in the GTA and are interested in plumbing jobs Toronto or GTA please call us right now at 647.258.9366.

Plumbing jobs Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area pay well and are one of the higher paying construction jobs. In Canada, a master plumber on average makes between $26 and $59 dollars per hour or between $54,000 and $74,000 per year. And apprentice plumbers to start may make between $18 and $25 dollars per hour or $37,000 to $52,000 per year. Apprentice plumbers will earn a bit less to start but will bring in better compensation as skills are developed.

Almost all career paths require a lot of money for the years of schooling required, while the career as a plumber allows you to train on the job while earning money. Plumbers begin to earn a living while they are still apprenticing which is a terrific benefit to consider. This results in significant relief in regards to tuition payments and student loan debt. While plumbing apprentice jobs in Toronto often offer financial bonuses which are something to look out for when applying.

There is job security when you choose to become a plumber. When you think about it there water supply lines, waste disposal systems, appliances, fixtures, faucets and other plumbing connections in nearly every room and building. That is hundreds of millions of connections all of which must be kept flowing smoothly. Of course, all of these materials require maintenance and will eventually breakdown thus requiring the services of an experienced technician.

Plumbers are usually on call and available for emergencies which can occur at night or on weekends because unless a customer is interested in scheduled maintenance or installation they usually need a plumber to respond quickly. The best companies to offer Toronto plumbing jobs are those which provide you with steady work and a fully equipped vehicle with all of the major tools you need to get the job done correctly upon arrival.

Certified training for Toronto plumber jobs or elsewhere in the GTA is available from a number of sources. One of the biggest benefits to becoming an apprentice is that you can earn a living while developing your skills as companies offering Ontario plumbing jobs allow you to co the job experience as a part of your apprenticeship.

Plumbers are truly heroic for the fact they come to the rescue to solve a demanding problem often in a crisis situation for home and business owners. Emergency plumbers are usually on call and available for emergencies which can occur at night or on weekends not only from nine to five o’clock Monday through Friday.

Yet with millions of plumbing connections comes the opportunity for steady work. Plumbing jobs Toronto pay so well because there often demand strength and stamina required to get the work done. As well as an ability to work in various environments from an office restroom to a crawl space in order to apply your plumbing solution.

Becoming a licensed plumber requires experience on the job and in-class training. Apprenticeships are usually four to five years and include a set number of hours of classroom training per year. Once you have completed your apprenticeship you will have an edge in the industry as demand will only grow for plumbers into the future.

plumber jobs TorontoIs It Time For A Job Change Or New Toronto Plumbing Career?

Here are several plumbing trade schools in Toronto and around Ontario with certified plumber training to help on your path to a new plumbing career.

Ontario Plumbing Education Available:

Conestoga College

The plumber apprenticeship certificate program at Conestoga College, located in Waterloo, is a twenty-four-week program with three individual eight-week components which are designed to provide knowledge and hands-on training which complements your ongoing job experience.

Durham College

Durham College is just off Hwy. 401 and offers plumber apprenticeship certification which is 90 percent on the job and ten percent theoretical. You must have a job prior to completing this apprenticeship program. They offer experienced professors with lab and shop facilities and a proven track record in the industry.

Mohawk College

The plumbing apprenticeship program at Mohawk College in Hamilton helps you to build your career with specialized training which utilizes all of the tools and training required as well as to learn about building codes and regulations and workplace safety in three semesters.

Sheridan College>

Sheridan College currently in Oakville, though moving to Brampton, provides a full-time one year program which empowers you to become a qualified plumbing apprentice by utilizing their training and top professors who will provide mentorship beyond your graduation while you acquire skill suitable for residential, commercial and industrial plumbing.

Canadore College

Canadore College plumber apprenticeship program in North Bay features a spacious 1800 SQ. ft. plumbing lab so you can learn plumbing skills such as installation, maintenance, and repair of residential and commercial plumbing. Their full-time program is twenty-eight weeks in two semesters.

George Brown College

George Brown College has conveniently located downtown Toronto and offers a full-time plumber apprenticeship program in two semesters with a focus on residential plumbing but includes commercial and industrial applications as well. It is a hands-on program includes the study of blueprints and drafting in addition to plumbing industry tools, equipment, materials, and methods.

Georgian College

The Georgian College plumber apprentice certification program provides both practical hands-on and theoretical training with their one-year full-time program in two semesters. The study includes blueprint reading, workplace health, and safety, plumbing code and theory as well as both application and installation experience.

Fleming College

Peterborough’s Fleming College offers a plumber apprenticeship which will allow you to obtain various required skills for residential, commercial and industrial plumbing as well as certifications for WHMIS, Working at Heights, Lockout/Tag out, Hoisting & Rigging, Confined Spaces, IPEX 636, Viega Certified connections and Grade 12 Math equivalency.

Sault College

Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie offers in-school study for this five-year plumber apprentice program with beginner, intermediate and advanced training broken down into eight-week sections. It includes specialized hands-on residential, commercial and industrial training in their classroom and modern shops.

As a plumber you will have acquired the skills required for blueprint reading, cutting, grooving, joining, fitting, supports and pipe layout. You will be able to install and repair water systems, drainage, venting and wastewater systems, heating systems, hot water tanks, grease and oil interceptors, gas piping and backflow preventers.

You will be able to plan, layout and install materials for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As well as learn how to estimate materials and labor costs with an understanding of associated workplace safety procedures and practices.

Toronto plumber jobs Plumbing Jobs Toronto? Call: 647-258-9366

*For employment please call this number. Do not call our local service numbers. Thanks – Management

*Please call this number directly to begin the application for a plumbing job position. Kindly do not call our local service phone numbers.

Canada plumbing jobs

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