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Last updated: March 30, 2020‘ Our local 24-hour emergency Bolton plumbers are available around the clock every day of the year at your service. We are friendly local plumbers always just around the corner so if any sort of plumbing emergency happens, our Bolton plumbers are well equipped and available to you quickly. Our Bolton plumbing team is very skilled at what we do and will not waste any time getting down to business though we do provide affordable, flat-rate pricing upfront.

Our plumbers have many years of experience in residential and commercial emergency and non-emergency jobs. There is not any job too big or too small for us as we bring more than a quarter-century of experience to every job. We clean out clogged drains, repair broken pipes, install plumbing fixtures, repair leaking faucets, do camera inspections, waterproof your basement, and more with consistently professional workmanship.

24 Hour Emergency Bolton Plumbing

With any job we do, you will know the total cost upfront as well as receive a detailed outline as to what is involved in repairs before any work is started. If we are there in the evening, or the weekend, or even on a holiday there’s no extra charge. That is because our flat-rate pricing is upfront, standard and consistent throughout the year.

When you hire our Bolton plumbers you will never have to deal with surprise charges or hourly rates with us ever and no overtime either. If the issue takes a little longer than planned to ensure the problem is fixed professionally and for the long-term, the pricing remains what it is quoted upfront and that is perhaps one of the best parts of choosing to work with us.

Our pricing comes from a book of standard prices so this will be consistent for you whenever you need our professional assistance. As an established company with over 25 years in the local Bolton plumbing industry, we have an entire team of mobilized, prepared, experienced, reliable plumbing experts on-call 24-hours, seven days per week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Available Holidays & Weekends 24/7

Bolton PlumbersThere is no better reason to trust us than this besides our dedication to outstanding customer service and professional workmanship. We genuinely care to ensure that you receive a great experience along with the results you need to fix your plumbing issues. As we hire the very best experienced local plumbers who are also sincere, passionate people dedicated to providing you the best possible customer service experience from the start of the project until its successful completion. We will clean the area after the work is done and then politely ask you for an honest review of the workmanship to make certain our plumbers are upholding our standards of excellence. Call us 24/7!

24 hour bolton emergency plumbing

Our Bolton plumbing services include:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Residential plumbing
  • Industrial plumbing
  • Drain repair
  • Drain snaking
  • High-pressure water hydro-jetting drain cleaning
  • Sump pump repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Water heater repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Frozen pipe prevention
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Plumbing video camera inspections
  • Trenchless sewer line repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Trenchless water line repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Pipe network inspection
  • Dishwasher repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Garburator repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Bathtub and shower repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Sink and faucet repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Toilet or urinal repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Washer and dryer repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Backflow prevention installation
  • Backwater valve installation
  • Water pressure maintenance
  • Iron stack clearing
  • Grease trap drains
  • Ice maker installation
  • Water softener installations
  • Water and gas fitting
  • Metal roofing and guttering
  • Thermostatic mixing valve testing
  • Pipe relining
  • Plumbing excavation
  • Septic tank maintenance and installation
  • Well pump service
  • Plus more!

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“When I need a Bolton plumber near me, I can depend on Plumber.ca to respond quickly and professionally.”

Our Plumbing Services

Some past clients we’ve had the opportunity to work for:

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There are several plumbers out there. Many have experience. So why choose us over everyone else? Here are a few reasons:

check  No Hourly Charges – Many customers do not see the advantages of having a plumber who does not work by the hour. A plumber who works for a fixed price has no reason to stick around after the job is finished to ensure he gets paid more. Even if the job takes more time than required, you still pay the same amount.

check  Upfront, Exact Pricing – Every job we do has a set price shown in our price book. We go through with you exactly what the scope of the work will be to fix your problem and the costs involved. You know before we start what the final price will be – no surprises!

check  Rapid Response Times – Our highly efficient dispatch team will make sure our local plumbers are at your location as soon as possible. Under regular conditions, our plumbing technicians will arrive at your location within 24-hours. Service calls can take longer than expected and specialty parts may need to be ordered, which may push the wait times longer so we communicate ongoing.

check  Priority Calls – Emergency calls are our highest priority. We know they can quickly become a serious situation. You can place a priority call to ensure you are the next customer to be serviced. The technician will be at your location within 24-hours. All priority calls require a credit card upon calling.

check  Local Plumbers – There is no sense in calling a plumbing service that is in another city. We have plumbers in all major city centers across the GTA that can respond to your emergency when you need it.

check  Fully Loaded Work Trucks – A fully inventoried truck is crucial so that your problem can not only be diagnosed quickly, but fixed quickly as well. Even if the job requires a specialty part, we can have it ordered within 24-hours.

* Terms and conditions apply. Check policies for more information.

24 hour bolton emergency plumbing

Dependable 24 Hour Emergency Bolton Plumbers

Road In Bolton Ontario - Local Plumbers Bolton | Plumber.caPlumbing Repairs – Our local 24-hour emergency Bolton plumbing team is on standby by to give you a price upfront for a long-term result delivered at the same price for any type of residential, commercial, or industrial plumbing including all repairs. For nearly thirty years our plumbing repair services have been successfully keeping homes and businesses safe, dry, warm, with plumbing devices, appliances, systems, utilities, fixtures, and more running optimally at all times. When you need a fast response from a friendly local plumber, give us a call any time of day or night and it will be our pleasure to serve you professional workmanship and a lasting result.

Plumbing Maintenance – We have given our best results to the local Bolton community with a very wide range of plumbing services over the years including well sump pump installation or maintenance or installation, trenchless sewer line installation or maintenance or replacement, septic tank maintenance, toilet maintenance, septic tank maintenance, frozen pipe maintenance, sump pump maintenance.

Also, our service includes dishwasher maintenance, washer or dryer maintenance, water softener maintenance, ice maker maintenance, camera inspections, pipe network inspections, drain cleaning, bathroom plumbing maintenance or bathtub or shower installation, water heater maintenance, and more 24-hours a day. Anything mechanical will eventually but you can call our plumber in Bolton to make certain you are getting the longest life possible from the plumbing systems.

Plumbing Camera Inspections – For many of our services, our Bolton plumbers use the latest specialized technology in order to help get the job completed successfully quicker and more affordable for you. This includes for pipe related services the use of plumbing video camera technology because it allows us to see inside potentially damaged pipes without having to first remove a wall or floor and then dig into the pipe to find the problem.

This technology is great for discovering sewer line issues as well much faster and less intrusively than in the past when it would take perhaps weeks nowadays this is only a one or two day job. Using plumbing video camera inspection technology our Bolton plumber will know quickly what the problem is so we can fix it faster. This is a non-invasive plumbing service that is very cost-effective and incredibly efficient to provide as well.

Drain Cleaning & Drain Repair – Over the years our Bolton plumbers have made many service calls to the area for drain clog cleaning and repair. We utilize a specialized technology for this as well which is called high-pressure water jetting drain cleaning. It is a highly effective, affordable service that is able to fully tear apart any clog and flush it while it cleans the complete pipe while doing so. It is a fast service and non-invasive to your pipes or property.

You will not have any clogged drain issues for years to come. It is more effective than drain cleaners and drains snaking as well though we are happy to utilize the trusty drain auger also known as a plumber’s snake as it is useful for a quick job certainly. Before you use too much chemical drain cleaner definitely give our plumber in Bolton who can clear your clog and clean your pipes without having to cause damage to pipes using chemicals.

Pipe Leak Repair – Consider our local pipe leak repair services. Did you know that a leaking pipe with the smallest of drops can waste almost twenty liters of water per day? This is the equivalent of more than two hundred loads of laundry per year and a hefty addition to your water bill each month. This minor water damage may also not seem harmful but it can seriously damage your sub-flooring, flooring, and ceilings as well.

The longer you wait typically the more the repair will cost but you always have a reliable option with our local so call our Bolton plumbers and we will fix all of the leaks in your home or business quickly and for the long term. Even if the pipes are in an unexposed area of your property rest assured we will get to them and not have to damage the premises. You can rely on our experience with this service, in particular, as we have extensive time providing it over the years.

Toilet Repair – Our plumbers in Aurora are well experienced and equipped to help with toilet repair when you need it. We can fix a variety of plumbing issues whether your toilet is running constantly, has become too noisy, or is filling with water slowly. We can help if there is often water collecting on the floor around the base of the toilet.

If it is only partially flushing, or not flushing at all. We can replace the wax ring if it is cracked, or replace the toilet tank. We can also help with any sort of clogging or replacement parts such as the flapper, float arm, flush handle, tank, and even install new toilets from scratch very efficiently so you can get back to your usual daily living routine as fast as possible.

Sump Pump Repair – Perhaps you have a need for sump pump repair, replacement, or installation. Our Bolton plumbing team can respond quickly to ensure this essential device is functioning when you have a need for it to most such as when there is a higher water table, excessive rain, or excessive drainage. We will check on all of the parts such as the basin and pump, to the drainage line, check valve, float arm, float switch, impeller along with any vents and air holes to be certain they are clean and working well so you can rest assured that your sump pump will be working when the weather turns and becomes wet fast.

Call us 24-hours for this expert sump pump service and you will have your current device repaired quickly or your new sump pump installed by a professional and be confident that your home or business will be kept safe, warm, and dry when the weather becomes extreme throughout the year. This essential device needs to be installed in your house or work if you have not done so already however with nearly a quarter-century of experience there is no need to look elsewhere. You can hire our Bolton plumbers who will have this completed for you very efficiently.

Water Heater Repair – Perhaps it is your hot water heater that needs a checkup or replacement. If you were not aware that gas-powered units will likely need attention between the six and eight-year mark and electric powered units may need attention between eight and ten years. Rest assured our Bolton plumbers have over twenty-five years repairing and replacing them.

It is important to note that if you have rust in your water, or a noisy rumble in the water heater, or water which has gathered in the pan around the storage tank, it is time to give our plumbers in Bolton a call for fast, friendly, affordable service that is available twenty-four hours a day all year long whenever you need us most.

Frozen Pipe Repair & Burst Pipe Repair – Additionally, while our Bolton plumbers are at your home or business why not have us winterize your home to keep it safe from the elements. Perhaps you did not know but if your water pipes freeze and then the water is turned on even just for a few minutes this causes enough pressure in the pipes to cause them to burst. Water damage from this situation is serious and no one wants to experience it.

We are available 24-hours to provide emergency frozen pipe repair and burst pipe repair. Our Bolton plumber will take the time to professionally insulate your pipes as well as provide weather stripping to your windows, basement opening, and doors to further alleviate any risk and prevent major winter plumbing issues.

Garbage Disposal Repair – If you hear your garbage disposal running but it is not grinding, or the device is much louder than usual or smells of rotting food while the kitchen does not drain, or just completely stops working altogether be confident that our local Bolton plumber can have it running again for you quickly. There is no sense in keeping this appliance if it is not going to be used because it is not working like that just wastes space and serves no purpose.

No worries, our local Bolton plumbing expert will have it good as new for you quickly with some education as to how to get the longest life possible out of your device. Perhaps you may consider asking about other appliances, fixtures, pipe, utility, or drain repair while we are at your location and it will be our pleasure to help you with this as well.

Sewer Line & Water Line Repair – Our Bolton plumbers use plumbing video camera inspection technology when we are repairing a sewer line or water line. First, you should be aware of the signs of a sewer or water line damage such as a foul smell emitting from your yard or in your basement. You may also witness sewage re-emerge from your toilet or bathtub. Also be aware of slow drains in your bathroom, toilets that stay empty of water, and noisy toilets that seem to gurgle or bubble.

These are signs that there is likely sewer line or water line damage in need of repair by our plumbers in Bolton. This technology is non-invasive to your property yet highly effective and can help you to determine the issue and thereby minimize the water or sewer damage of a potential catastrophe before it happens. Fortunately, our local experts are well experienced to handle any size or scope of the sewer line problem with a lasting and complete solution.

Call Reliable 24 Hour Local Emergency Bolton Plumbers

Bolton PlumbersWe can handle your repairs, installations, or maintenance of any sort of plumbing fixture, utility, pipe, drain, or appliance with trusted reliability. Regardless of whether you need our Bolton plumbers for emergency or non-emergency plumbing service we will deliver the best possible result as fast as possible at the most affordable cost. When our Bolton plumber shows up in your place you will notice they are extremely prepared. This includes having a company uniform as well as a company van or truck containing all the necessary materials, components, and tools to get any plumbing situation resolved.

Fast Response 24/7  Bolton Plumbing Service

We are always stocking our fleet of business vehicles to ensure we can resolve any plumbing problem when we are at your place the first moment. All of our plumbing components are professional, our materials and parts are a brand name, so you are truly getting the very best available. We are passionate about providing you with our world-class professional workmanship and genuinely helpful and positive customer service all year long.

A local customer mentioned ‘When I have a need for Bolton plumbers near me Plumber.ca is only a phone call away and they are available 24/7’. You do well to trust in our reliability and expert plumbers in Bolton for a job well done each and every time, 24 hours a day. Call us today! (905) 867-6666

About Bolton

Bolton PlumbersThe village of Bolton, Ontario is located in the Peel Region with a population of approximately 30,000 is the largest community in the town of Caledon. Downtown Bolton is located in a valley which flows into the Humber River and is surrounded by conservation areas to the east, north, and northwest. The Humber Valley Heritage Trail is a popular recreation area in this environmentally conscious community. The Highway 427 and Highway 400 are closest. This was formerly called Bolton Mills which was founded by James Bolton in 1822. Bolton had a population of approximately seven hundred people in 1857 when the average price per acre of land was forty to fifty dollars.

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A couple of major movies were filmed in the area including Twister in 1996 and Four Brothers which was partially in the area. There are several schools including elementary schools as well as private institutions.

There are a number of community parks and attractions including Dicks Dam Park or Albion Hills where you can get away and enjoy nature, Daniel’s Ark Wildlife Preservation Alliance where you can view wolves, lynx, black bears, cougars, and more. As well as R.J.A Potts Memorial Park which features basketball courts, bocce, and squash courts. Rockin Play has a treehouse playground and a climbing wall. Or you can enjoy mini-golf at the Putt-n-Play Entertainment Centre.

24 hour bolton emergency plumbing

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